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Arnold's Electric Tips

Save Money on Electricity

Though you can't change the fact that electricity is a utility you have to pay for (unless you harvest it through personal solar panels and wind turbines), you can regulate how much you use. With these easy money/energy-saving tips, you'll reduce the amount of energy you needlessly waste while increasing the amount of money you keep in your pocket:


  • Install motion sensors so lights are never left on by mistake
  • Utilize energy-saving light bulbs - compact florescent or LED - instead of incandescent
  • Strategically place fixtures and lamps to adequately light a room; more light is not always better

Bath/attic fans

  • Install timers to assure these fans are never left on by mistake


  • Maintain a clean furnace - change filters regularly to assure it runs at top performance


  • Vacuum under the fridge to keep its refrigeration process operating at peak efficiency

Air Conditioner

  • Keep areas around the air conditioner clear to allow more air to be cycled through the motor, ensuring it won't get stressed by such obstacles